Hello internet strangers and friends! Welcome to my blog. Here are some fun facts:

Name: Amanda Peyton

Location: Bay Area, California

Homepage: http://amandapeyton.com/

What is this blog?

I started a blog in 2009 as a class assignment. I have since tried most other mediums (twitter, instagram, tumblr, others), but continue to come back to longer-form (ahem, internet long-form) writing. There is no substitute and no better way to get to know someone on the internet. I generally write about topics I love: startups, New York City, hardware, creative technology, urban interaction, mobile computing, strangers in cities, China, adventures, and other random stuff.

I started working at Google in late 2015 on Project Ara. I never thought I would work at such a large company, and I also never thought I would work on a new smartphone. So here we are.

This is an entirely personal blog.

Who are you?

I am a technology entrepreneur. I love building and thinking about new technology. I started a company called Grand St. that was acquired by Etsy in 2014 and have worked on numerous websites, mobile apps and hardware in all kinds of different scenarios.

I am an alum of Northwestern, MIT and Y Combinator and one of Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People” (2014).

My favorite site on the internet is archive.org because I am a sucker for nostalgia.

I was on The Daily Show once and said “asshole” on national television. My parents are so proud. I also had a former stint working in private-sector military strategy and intelligence and have the Wikileaks scars to prove it.

Mostly though, I am deeply curious and love the new new. I’ve lived in 8 different cities in the last 10 years and have a lot of trouble sitting still.

I am too lazy to read all your posts – can you point me to the best ones?

I would consider these three picks some of my best writing:

1.  ”Gaming bit.ly: A New Kind of Domain Speculation” from July 2009.

2.  ”APIs for Manufacturing” from September 2012.

3.  ”My Call to Senator Schumer’s Office on PIPA: It’s So Much Worse Than I Thought” from January 2012. This one resulted in a call from one of Schumer’s top aides, was #1 on Hackernews and picked up by a handful of national publications.

How can I contact you?

ap [at] amandapeyton.com

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