April 25th, 2012

Twitter Gem: Everyone is a Publisher

I wish there was a better way to organize and view your favorite tweets. The feature is mostly hidden, and only a few people I know use it with any sort of frequency. And yet, there are so many gems. So many discussion starters, controversy, passion, h8, and humor.

This one comes from @bradfordcross from back in January, and to me it was an insightful and pithy way to summarize this “creation revolution” that is going to characterize the next few years in technology. More people making, saying, writing, commenting, photographing and creating.

I wonder how this truly fundamental shift will affect that standard sharing numbers across the web. The hard-and-fast rule was always that, in any system, 1% are the true creators, 19% passively create (press the like button, add a comment, post a few things), and the other 80% only consume. For more reading about this, check out Brad Feld’s post from back in 2006. Creepy to think that these numbers are nearly six years old.

Helping to find and shape a digital voice for creators is extremely non-trivial, and even if the creator ratio goes up to 5% or even 10%, that represents a MASSIVE MASSIVE shift in terms of pure numbers.

Git ready.

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