April 12th, 2012

Meteor’s Mission Statement

I am becoming more and more bullish on the future of Javascript-related innovation.

If the demand for developers continues to swell and prices continue to rise, we are going to begin to see a lot of new (as opposed to “lifetime”) devs getting jobs. These are people who maybe weren’t CS majors, but learned to code on their own. From a new-learner perspective, Javascript is perhaps the most accessible language. It’s featured on beginner platforms like Codecademy, and the rise of server-side Javascript means that knowing the language allows you to do so much more.

Did a bunch of reading on Meteor, a new real-time Javascript framework that came out a few days ago. What I liked most about it was their “Mission Statement” page. Their intentions are driven by a strong desire to create magic and make software design seamless and easy, and you can tell from the site that they are really passionate about the future of software design in a real-time-web kind of world.

Humanizing even the most technical products is a fantastic way to build an early user-base and these various Javascript breakthroughs are certainly going to have a very tangible impact on software developers at every level of expertise.

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  • I see great things ahead for Meteor! Will do for JavaScript what Rails did for Ruby. ┬áIf you liked the Mission Statement of Meteor, you will probably like the talk "Inventing on Principle" by Bret Victor, another JavaScript visionary: http://johnnyholland.org/johnn...

  • Richard

    Welcome back Microsoft Access for the web.

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