April 27th, 2012

Innovation Spaces

This thought starts with a cheeky, shortened version of online-to-offline, which will now be referred to on this blog as O2O (like H20, but not).

Online innovation is a space with massive growth potential and a large future in front of it. But perhaps even more exciting is the future of O2O-type businesses and initiatives that bring the digital thought process into offline endeavors.

This means innovative spaces. I have been wondering about this – the major scholars, some examples, the design process, and general thoughts around how to make a space innovation-friendly. It’s not simply just getting a bunch of sweet electronics and pimping it out that way, though that would be fun on its own, but rather the process itself. Or even simply the idea that a space on its own CAN be considered innovative. It’s easy to see why Steve Jobs had such trouble committing himself to furniture.

Spacial decisions aren’t like pixels – you can’t change and shift and fix and iterate until you’re happy. Nonetheless, it’s a new area of interest for me and if you have any resources – whether just some strong opinions, essays, or cool architecture porn, please feel free to send them my way (ap at amandapeyton.com).

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